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What Makes us Different

Five different automotive brands. Group Functions. Trade specialists. VWG UK has a unique culture, built on diversity, difference and a friendly rivalry that inspires us all. Across our brands, we learn from each other, encourage each other and regularly challenge each other to think differently. Career journeys can take many twists and turns, moving across larger and smaller brands, into project work or even onto a global level within the wider Group. How your career develops is up to you. We’re just here to support you, encourage you and give you the training you need to fulfil your potential and achieve your goals.

Who are we

Volkswagen Group UK is wholly owned by the Volkswagen AG: one of the most successful automotive manufacturers in the world, with some of the most iconic brands that the industry has ever seen. But we’re also a great Sales & Marketing operation in our own right. We have over 900 employees and a network of more than 1,000 dealerships in the UK. Operating out of Milton Keynes, Volkswagen Group UK sells half a million vehicles every year. In fact, one in every five cars sold in the UK is a Volkswagen Group brand.

However, what really sets us apart is how we work – not how many vehicles we sell. Volkswagen Group UK is a commercially astute, nimble, customer-focused operation. Our people have a true passion for what they do, a genuine desire to go further for customers and to give their own careers real momentum at the same time.

Our Culture

We are passionate about brands, about the automotive industry and about delivering great customer experiences. But at the same time, we’ve all got a life outside work too. We’re flexible with working arrangements so that our people can maintain a work-life balance that suits them. We also offer a flexible benefits package, so that you can tailor your benefits to meet your individual needs.

A Brief History

  • 1904

    Word begins to spread throughout Germany about a ‘people's car’.

  • 1925

    Béla Barényi conceived the basic design for the early Volkswagen.

  • 1938

    The New York Times newspaper uses the nickname ‘Beetle’ for the very first time.

  • 1949

    Volkswagen rewards employees by introducing a pension scheme.

  • 1952

    The ‘Beetle’ arrives in the UK.

  • 1960

    Volkswagen and Audi form a partnership.

  • 1978

    Volkswagen UK moves into Milton Keynes.

  • 1991

    ŠKODA and SEAT become Volkswagen Group Brands.

  • 2000

    By now, Volkswagen has also acquired the Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti brands.

  • 2012

    We were rated in the Top 25 Great Places to Work® UK - and we’re still there.

  • 2013

    Volkswagen Group UK awarded ‘Top Employer’ status. Golf wins European Car of the Year.

  • 2014

    Volkswagen Group UK awarded ‘Top Employer’ status again. Audi A3 wins World Car of the Year.

  • 2015

    Volkswagen Group wins Top Employer status again. Volkswagen Passat wins Car of the Year.

  • 2015

    We were rated 11th in Great Places to Work® UK - and we’re still there.

  • 2016

    Four Volkswagen Group people are among a list of the top women working in the automobile industry (The Great British Women in the Car Industry awards)

  • 2017

    Volkswagen and ŠKODA step forward to accept prizes at international show.

  • 2017

    TheJobCrowd Awards, Volkswagen Group has zoomed into 8th in the list of the Top 100 companies for graduates to work for – that's in the smaller intake category. On top of this, the Group also came away as winner of the Top Employer for Benefits award.

  • 2017

    Volkswagen Group announces best delivery performance in history at 1.01 million vehicles.


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